Spa Day


Our base package features a Relaxation Massage & Body Scrub (90 minute duration) starting at $230 which includes travel to our service areas. Check out the suburbs we serve and contact us to start the booking processing by clicking here


Relaxation Massage

A relaxing massage using long, soothing strokes to relax the body and mind. Add ons include: aromatherapy infused oil or body butters, CBD pain relief balm, himalayan salt rollers, and contrast therapy.


Body Art

Henna, flowers, & body jewelry! Luxe’s signature adornment is intended to remind you of the beauty you carry within and to symbolize the sacredness of your temple. Body art is about painting your canvas (body) and using it as a way to artistically express the feelings inside. 


Body Scrub

With many options to choose from, our body scrubs will stimulate blood flow, exfoliate the rough spots and leave you feeling renewed with healthy skin – a variety of oils/blends, aromatherapy, sugars/salts, & more!


Body Wrap

Slip away into a relaxed state as you are cocooned in your choice of clay, algae, or herb infused oil body wrap for lovely detoxifying, remineralizing, and hydrating skin treatment.

In Home Massage

Face Massage

Face massages help to increase blood flow, stimulate the lymphatic system, and release toxins that contribute to signs of aging. This treatment includes the use of reflexology, & contrast therapy.


Scalp Treatment

Feel the tingling and cooling sensation as your scalp is stimulated with a luxurious gel. This head and scalp treatment will encourage blood flow, stimulate hair growth, and promote relaxation/well being.

Massage Near Me

Hand Treatment

Featuring contrast therapy, exfoliation, detailed massage and stretching, and a hand mask that nourishes the skin – leaving you with the softest touch!


Foot Treatment

A special treatment of exfoliation to soften the rough patches – heat treatment to release the tension – targeted massage to draw out the aches and pains, and oils/creams to leave you feeling silky smooth.


Aromatherapy Steam

Open the pores, breathe a little deeper and relax in a steam tent. Your choice of herbs or essential oils to enhance this therapeutic heat treatment while you meditate the stress away.


Infrared Heat Treatment

Primarily a winter/spring treatment – IFR quickly warms the body by penetrating deep into the skin. It can improve blood circulation, relax muscles, and reduce pain. The perfect escape from the cold winter or for those who love the heat.


Red Light Therapy

Primarily a winter/spring treatment – A blend of 630, 660, 830, & 850nm wavelengths to offer the maximum benefit of red light therapy. This treatment can improve skin health by reducing inflammation, increasing fibroblasts and stimulating collagen production.


Vibroacoustic Sound Experience

Enjoy a full sound experience that stimulates healthy neural activity, boosts your mood, & releases tension in your body. With soothing sounds and vibration, you will be lulled away into the utmost relaxed state of mind.

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