Spa Day

All About Luxe

Luxe is a mobile massage & spa service provider. We deliver a one of a kind, in-home, pampering experience. Our packages are designed to delight you with sights, sounds, scents, and therapeutic touch that rejuvenates your body and mind.

An in home spa day allows you to go from the massage therapy table straight into your robe or pajamas for the rest of the day – no need to get fully dressed, step into inclement weather, fight traffic, & drive home. This allows you to stay fully relaxed if you choose, for the ultimate therapeutic experience.

Not all services are suited for every individual based on medical conditions/diagnosis and sensitivities. Packages are customizable. Please reach out to us to tailor your package to meet your needs and discover additional spa services not advertised! 

Plan for an additional 1-2 hours outside of treatment time for setup and cleanup.